ECHOstore: Advancing towards Digital Transformation

It is undeniable that the customer of today relies on the Internet to make smarter purchasing decisions. Studies show that over 60 million Filipinos are on the Internet, making every company’s digital transformation a necessity rather than a choice.

These facts are what drove ECHOstore to fortify its digital assets and bring their story of sustainable living online. ECHOstore’s retailing story has started 20 years ago and its founders recognize that business in the last two decades has now evolved into one where technology is necessary.

Establishing a Digital Presence

According to Pacita “Chit” Juan, one of ECHOstore’s three founding ladies, being present in the digital space and providing an avenue for their customers to reach them through the Internet are paramount to the continuity of their business.

“We think it is high time that people have the experience of ECHOstore virtually and not just through our brick and mortar stores. [We feel the] constant increase in our followers must be translated to business. At the end of the day, we are a social enterprise and a business concern, so it is not just about being on social media but turning our digital assets into a business case,” Chit says.

ECHOstore already enjoys a strong following on their website and social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. But, management knew that there’s more to be done, thus ECHOstore’s move to create a holistic developmental approach in its digital strategy-making.

“Every day, there’s something new and we have to be in step with developments in digital technology and all its platforms. At the end of the day, the customer should be served the best way he or she wants to be served, whether digitally or in person. This made us think about really wrapping up everything on a digital platform,” Chit says.

Working with Cavalry Digital

A month back, ECHOstore started its engagement with Cavalry Digital to upgrade its digital assets and formulate strategies in pushing their online marketing efforts further. The ECHOstore team was determined to develop their technological assets and started with modernizing their official website and making it more user-friendly.

Reena Francisco, ECHOstore co-founder, admits that it was initially a challenge to develop their website’s interface and functions. Nonetheless, she admits that while the digital transformation was challenging, it is for the best for ECHOstore’s progress.

Now, ECHOstore has the capability to expand its customer base as its new website helps customers access the store, even in places it is not physically present.  ECHOstore can now measure online traffic to their website with Google Analytics.

Unlike its previous website, ECHOstore’s new online store now has a modern user-interface that allows a 360 degree view of product offers  complete with essential descriptions. Also, it can now process orders faster and more efficiently, cleanly tracking every purchase amid a wider variety of payment options.

“If we don’t improve our digital assets, we will [be left out]. It comes with the time. It’s not a choice. [Managing it] is an effort between different platforms,” Reena says, adding “Once customers get to the site, we have to make the experience nice, that’s why we are testing how to shop through different devices, through phones and desktops. It’s a mindset; it’s about being very interactive and real-time online.”

Continuing Digital Development

On the other hand, Chit says there’s still a lot to learn for her team, noting that they are focused on listening to experts and consulting professionals who’ve had successful relaunches and business cases. She says ECHOstore is exerting all efforts to apply professional guidance in digitizing their business.

ECHOstore hopes to continue working with Cavalry Digital and its team of experts to produce the best results from its newly-developed digital assets. Chit says her team hopes the engagement with Cavalry Digital will give the boost ECHOstore’s e-commerce potential is seeking to achieve

“We’ve been in the retail industry for 20 years but the reality today is that customers now live in a digital era, unlike before where brick and mortar stores were prevalent. We have to adapt. Anyone who’s connected to the Internet is the new consumer. As long as you can access any digital platform, you are the new market. That’s the reality and we have to adjust,” Chit ends.

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