Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads have become a popular compliment to a company’s digital marketing strategy. In March 2016, Facebook announced that it reached three million active advertisers with more than 70% from outside the US.

The Philippines is certainly not a stranger to the world of Facebook but often times, it is used mostly as a form of interacting with each others’ friends — never fully for the ads itself. However, more and more people are engaging with Facebook ads, faster than any other platform in the recent years. Coupled with the growing number of mobile usage, more and more advertisers see the benefits of advertising on this platform.

Facebook Ads have a large variety of ad types and blend-in your customers News feeds making the experience less of a hard sell and feel more organic.

With the recent changes to the newsfeed algorithm prioritizing content from friends and family over advertisers, including Facebook Ads as a part of your digital marketing strategy is now a must!

At Cavalry Digital, we can help make the most out of your customers’ digital experience. From planning out what works best for your current marketing strategy, to producing and launching ad campaigns that will surely change your online presence.

The best part? We don’t set a strict budget. We can work with your budget and either scale up or scale down!

Facebook Ads


Do you want to reach your audience without having to rely on organic reach or need help in enticing your customers Filipino or otherwise to perform certain actions? We can definitely help. Let’s talk!