Instagram Ads

When Instagram and Facebook integrated in April 2012, a whole new level of digital marketing arose. Finally, there was a connection between the fans/users of these platforms and a singular way of reaching out with ease and efficiency.

We mostly see Instagram as a way to show the more visual side of our products and services. We can take advantage of this as Filipinos all over appreciate a visual approach to most things whether it be looking at a menu or browsing through a catalog — any visual cues highly help.

A big percentage of millennials are on Instagram! This is the best way to reach a younger demographic and target. Great for Retail advertisers, Instagram is a perfect channel to push fashion, tech items and food.

Instagram Ads feature either an image or video that is seamlessly integrated into your customers’ feeds, making the experience more natural. Campaign creation is done through your Facebook Ads Manager, so advertising in this platform couldn’t get any simpler.

At Cavalry Digital, we take care of all of the details for you! From strategy, ad design and campaign execution but we can also customize to your needs.

Different types of Instagram Ads


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