Political Ads

Across the world, we’ve all witnessed how powerful social media plays in winning national elections and shaping nations. In the Philippines alone, it has been reported that there are 67 million Facebook users and it’s important to know that a considerable majority of these users are potential voters.

Facebook Ads for Politics

Facebook’s powerful targeting features allow ads to be served straight to your constituents and most importantly, potential voters. Reach your audience right at the source using this scalable and flexible solution.

Serving political ads to your audience on Facebook allows a dialogue where people share what they care about and where candidates and elected officials get feedback.

We Know The Digital Philippines

How do we do it? Using web analytics data, we interpret and analyze the best possible areas in the Philippines where your campaign would get the best engagement. Combined with highly targeted and customized ads, you can be sure that your message gets across to the right people.

Cavalry Digital can help you and your national campaign by planning and executing ads in the digital space. Own the Facebook channel by effectively targeting your voters and by showcasing what your campaign is all about.


Have we piqued your interest? We can help you win your campaign by paving a digital highway that leads to success. Let’s talk!